143 Rabbanith Ruth Menashe: Prayer: 'Amidah - Modim (Part 13)

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe

Topic Section: Women
Dedicated for the Refuah Shelemah of the Rabbanith, Ruth Bath Ahuva
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Part 13 of Rabbanith Ruth Menashe's amazing Shiur for women, a series about Tefillah (prayer). Insight into the Beracha (Blessing) of Modim in the 'Amidah (Shemoneh 'Esrei) prayer and the meaning behind the words we use to thank G-d. A must watch for all women to gain a deeper understanding of the power of the prayer and its effect on every individual. See more at http://www.nonstoptorah.com For the Refuah Shelemah of Ruth Bath Ahubah

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