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  • Albert Aboody Reply

    I knew Hacham Y’aaqob as a young boy in Bombay and as he was growing up in Herndon (England) where I and my late brother, Ezra, would often visit his family – his parents Albert and Rachel and his sister Sara -on Mose Shabbat. Those were his teenage years in which he refined his considerable musical talents with both voice -like his sister Sara- and instruments. Many years passed – he was by now a well known Hacham in 1998 – when I asked if he would be kind enough to marry my daughter Nalini to Reuven Ibragimov in Cleveland to which he readily agreed knowing that my mother Eva would be present and citing my descent from the Ben Ish Hai,my great great grandfather. My mother was especially delighted. He graced us with his presence and his incredible rendition of Torath Emeth Nathan as my daughter marched down the aisle. Even my many Non-Jewish colleagues in attendance could sense and were overawed by his deeply spiritual rendition and magnificent voice. We remained in touch over the years and my family and I were deeply saddened by his untimely passing. He was among the noblest souls of Israel. May he Rest In Peace.